fix common problems on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
Common Pixel 3/3 XL problems and potential solutions

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL finally go on sale and offer a plenty of great features. But, at the same time, no phone is perfect and there are still problems with Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL. So, we’ll walk you through the most common issues on these new phones as well as give you some tips to fix them.

We hope with our help, you will be able to fix problems existing on your Pixel 3/3 XL without having to contact your carrier or bring it to a store for support. In fact, many of them are easy to fix at home from your couch. Then, we’ll continuously update this post with more info as it becomes available.

Common Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL Problems

Fix Apps That Aren’t Fullscreen

The beautiful OLED display on the Pixel 3/3 XL is one of the best features. But, the skinny screen sometimes causes some problems. While it is nothing new, there are still some apps that cannot take up the entire screen, especially with that notch.

Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL owners have complained about black bars appearing both at the top and bottom of apps when watching videos on YouTube and other apps. Samsung and LG have their own “app scaling” or full screen mode, which can stretch apps to the entire screen. But, Google doesn’t add this customization option in the Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL. Hopelessly, the latest Android  Pie update also doesn’t include one.

Sadly, there is not yet a fix for this problem. Although Google updated the YouTube app, and pinch-to-zoom allows switching the app to fullscreen mode, other apps don’t get this luxury. However, most apps working with Android 9 can handle different screen sizes, so this is not a big problem.

Wi-Fi Problems

There some Pixel and Pixel 3 XL users complaining about Wi-Fi problems on these new phones. But we think it’s more of a glitch than a real problem.

  • First, toggle Wi-Fi off and then turn it back on
  • Try rebooting your Pixel
  • Reset your router if possible
  • Forget your wireless network(s) by heading to Settings > Wi-Fi and then connect to it again for a fresh start.

Above are a few methods we recommend that you can help you fix Wi-Fi problems on your Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3XL.

Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Fingerprint on Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL is very fast and accurate, which allows users to unlock the phone in a second. However, we heard many reports that the fingerprint on some Pixel devices was not working well as expected. We saw similar complaints with the Pixel 2/2 XL last year. So to fix the fingerprint problem on your new Pixel phone, you should first remove any saved fingerprints and set them up again. However, make sure your fingers are clean. Note that do just tap in the same spot, even when the phone lets you. You should move it around so that the sensor can get as much data as possible.

Bluetooth Problems

Most of the Android (Pixel 3&3Xl are not exceptions) users usually encounter problems with Bluetooth. Although there were some complaints about Pixel 3/3 XL Bluetooth complaints, it’s just the nature of the game. The biggest complaints from users are the connectivity in cars. Some users don’t want to keep the connection, or it switches itself off.

To fix Bluetooth problems, you should remove all paired Bluetooth devices and start over to get the best experience. After that, check if there is a firmware update on your car stereo. A lot changed in Oreo, and manufacturers are still catching up. Google claims Android 8.1 Oreo finally fixed Bluetooth problems, but they might have to address a few in upcoming Android 9 Pie updates too. Just hang tight, and redo any connections if you’re dealing with issues. Bluetooth is an ongoing issue and constant battle with Google, it seems.

Display Issues & Colors

The Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL features a beautiful OLED display, which is currently one of the best on the smartphone market, so we’re not seeing any complaints about burn-in, color shifts, or anything else.

But some want to change the color profiles to make the display match with their style. Here’s how to change display colors on Pixel 3/ 3XL.

Go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Colors and you can then select Boosted or Saturated option. There are also a few different profiles for you to choose from, but it’s not as advanced as what can be found on the Galaxy Note 9. But you can still choose your best one.

Hide Pixel 3 XL Notch

It’s a very common question from Pixel 3 XL, and we’re here to help you fix this problem. If you want to hide the notch in your Pixel 3 XL, just follow the steps exactly listed below.

  • Go to Settings > System > About Phone and tap on Build Number until you see a popup  “You Are Now a Developer”
  • Return to Settings and tap on System > Advanced > Developer Options.
  • Scroll down to Drawing > Display Cutout and tap on Hide. That’s all!

Camera Problems

The duo Pixel 3 and Pixel3 XL are two of the best camera phone currently on the market. It can do for you truly amazing things while you take snaps. However, what’s the point of a great camera in case it cannot save photos you just captured? There were a lot of complaints from Pixel 3/3 XL users when their phone was not able to save photos after being shot.

If you have not yet found a potential fix, simply go to Settings > Search for Doze > and disable battery optimizations or Doze controls in the camera app. Currently, some battery-saving features aren’t working well with the camera. However, it’s just a temporary fix

 Battery Life Problems

Similar to most of the other Android phones on the market, we still receive a few complaints about the battery life on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. This could happen due to a lot of things like too many apps running in the background or an app that is not working right with Android 9 Pie. You should customize location settings, reduce the screen brightness and close big apps in the background you don’t need.

The best route you should do is going to Settings to ensure nothing is wrong, and there is not any app isn’t draining more battery than it should be. Tap on Battery section and you can check what app is at the top. If it’s Android system, Android OS, or Display at the top, it’s normal. However, you see an app is eating too much battery, then uninstall the app, disable it, or force close it to kill that app. We also recommend you to enable Battery Saver modes when you need extra juice.

Freezing or Rebooting

Another popular problem that we’re sure the Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL will encounter in the next or two year is freezing, randomly rebooting problems. You must know one thing that if you haven’t rebooted your phone for a long time, it’ll probably get laggy. So, you should often reboot your device to remove the laggy state.

Furthermore, rebooting will also improve the stability, performance, and fix crashes on your phone. You can also launch Google Chrome and tap on a number in a box at the top right corner. From there, you will see how many Google Chrome web browser tabs you have opened. If there are more than 20, you should reboot your device. To do so, simply press and hold the Power button and choose Reboot. You should at least do it twice a week to get the best results.

These are common problems on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones as well as potential fixes. We’ll continue to update more problems and solutions of these two new phones in this post later.


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