Here is how to fix cellular data issues on iPhone X


This post shows you methods to fix issues with cellular data on your iPhone X such as: not able to connect to the internet, unable to load web pages, no LTE signal, “no internet connection” error messages.


There are several reasons why the cellular data isn’t working on your iPhone X. So, we’d like to share with you a few different solutions and then you can try and check if they help you get back your internet connection. Please note that this instruction is only to help you with issues in regards to cellular data (LTE, 3G).

The first thing you need to verify is that the problem only happens with your cellular data and not the network connection. It means that the service on your iPhone is still available, no internet connection.

The second you should make sure is that your cellular data isn’t blocked by your network carrier. If you’ve gone over your allocated data for several weeks, there will be a text message sent to you, so we recommend you to check messages to ensure that it’s not a data block by your carrier. If you have checked and see that there is the indication of data being cut off, let’s start troubleshooting cellular data problems on your iPhone X!

The first method you should try is to reset your network settings. You are now resetting your internet connection on your iPhone X in order to reconnect to your data network. Here is how to do this:

  • On your phone, launch the Settings app and tap on General > Reset Reset Network Settings
  • Confirm your choice by taping on the pop up again and entering your passcode.

Once done, you can then test your mobile data on iPhone X again by loading a webpage or app. Is it working now? If the issue still persists, let’s check if you can fix it by turning off your LTE:

Try disabling your LTE:

    • Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options
  • Toggle “Enable LTE” to OFF
  • Return to Settings>Cellularand enable Cellular Data

Now you simply test the internet connection on your iPhone once again. If the issues still persist, then check whether there’s a configuration profile in your settings (this usually happens if you travel aboard and connect your phone to a different Carrier before going back home). Sometimes, a configuration profile of a different Carrier can be the root of cellular data connection issues:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Profile

If you can’t check the profile option, or if there’s no profile when tapping on it, then you can continue below option. If you see a profile, you need to delete it by tapping on Delete Profile section.

After all the above methods and you are not able to connect to cellular data on your iPhone X, that only leaves you with two options:

  • First, you should consider contacting your network provider to ensure that there are no issues with data access or any data blocks. You can also contact Apple Support
  • You should also do a backup and restore of your iPhone X by following this guide.


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