How to Find UDID on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

You have just purchased a new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, but there is a problem that your Home screen is not working in landscape mode. It’s not the only issue you may encounter. Apart from that, getting UDID (Standing for Unique Device ID) number on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is also becoming more difficult.

The UDID is usually used to register iOS devices in the Apple Developer program to test new iPhone apps or install iOS beta software updates. On older iOS models, you can use iTunes to get the IDID, but on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, this method no longer works.

To get UDID on older iPhone models, you simply connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC and open iTunes. After that, click on your iPhone icon in iTunes at the top and switch to the Summary tab. Now, click on the Serial Number label until it changes to UDID. You will then see the Identifier field and a 40 hex UDID character. Finally, simply press Command+ C buttons on Mac (or Ctrl + C on Windows) to copy the UDID to your clipboard.

However, there is now a new way to find the UDID on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It seems to be a bug, and out of the ordinary that Apple missed something like this. Until Apple fixes this bug, you can this new method to find UDID number on your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on a Mac.

Initially, connect your iPhone XS, XS Max to your Mac, then click on Apple icon -> About This Mac -> System Report and then select USB option. Next, you continue to click on your iPhone and copy the value next to the Serial Number label. After copying and pasting it, add a after the 8th digit, which is your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max UDID.

If you are using a Windows computer, you can then use iFunBox to get the UDID of your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This method is straightforward. However, the UDID is not supported by iFunBox for Mac.

Good luck to you!

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